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We offer an extensive line of bricks and pavers for all of your Sacramento's construction and landscaping needs. We feature Muddox and McNear residential and commercial brick, as well as Basalite Interlocking Pavers.

We stock both plastic and metal paver edging.

Snap Edge Paver Edging:

We also carry a full line of flue liners and fireplace supplies.  See our accessories page for more details.






H.C. Muddox:

When H.C. Muddox was founded in 1878, it was producing many of the sewer pipes, bricks, chimney flues, and other building materials that were used to construct the region's original buildings. Eventually, the demand for brick caused H.C. Muddox to focus its resources on becoming one the region's leading brick manufacturers.

H.C. Muddox joined Pacific Coast Building Products in 1980 and now supplies a large distributor network with clay products that include standard face brick, thin brick, flue liners, pavers, pool coping, and structural brick. H.C. Muddox also offers custom shapes, sizes and colors in a range of products.

The abundant, high-quality clay deposits that started H.C. Muddox will continue to provide raw materials for years to come. Combining the colors and consistencies of the clays and firing to different temperatures brings out the variety of warm earthen tones that are the company's trademark.





McNear opened for business in 1868, based on the idea of supplying building products that meet our customer's needs. Since that time, we've become the leaders by offering a one-stop shopping concept where you can get clay brick, clay pavers, interlocking concrete pavers, retaining wall systems, and fireplaces from a single source.
A Large Variety of High-End Quality Products

McNear is renowned for delivering products with consistent texture, color, quality and durability. Homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers also prefer McNear because of our broad selection. We offer over 20 brick colors in different sizes and shapes.







The appeal of interlocking paving stones has many homeowners, developers, and municipalities turning to pavers for their durability and style. To meet the demand, in 1997, the company opened one of the country's largest and most advanced manufacturing facilities in Tracy, California. The plant's sophisticated paver and block machining insures the truest measurements and color consistency. Basalite presents a complete offering of colors, shapes, and sizes in several product lines.



Mission Carmel

Cottage Blend Country Cobble

Naples Italian Renassance





Basalite features several paver designs in a wide range of colors and styles.  The newest product in their extensive paver line is the Artisan Flagstone Paver*.

Available in a range of beautiful earth tone colors, the Artisan Stone features 5 unique surface textures and patterns that appear in natural flagstone. Installation is easy due to the unique spacer design and alignment groves. The Artisan Flagstone can also be installed as a permeable pavement making it the perfect companion for any environmentally sensitive or green building project. Rich with texture, shape, and color that occur in nature, the Artisan Stone will complete any space or hardscape plan you may design with long-lasting beauty.


Artisan Flagstone

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5


* Available at Valley Redwood in Positano and Venice.