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D-I-Y Planning Tips

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Here are some helpful tips to get you started...

(also see the Bulk Materials page for a helpful chart on material coverage)



All nails, fasteners and hardware must be stainless steel, aluminum or top-quality, hot-dipped galvanized (electroplated galvanizing is not acceptable). Poor quality fasteners will react with redwood's natural, decay-resisting extractives causing unsightly stains.  We stock Simpson "Z-Max" harware, which is the new standard for pressure treated installation.  We also sell "Fastap" brand screws and Hot Dipped, Galvanized nails.

We also stock Quikdrive Screws, for the easiest installation around!


Finishes will enhance the performance of any exterior wood project, so it is important to coat all surfaces with a water repellent wood preservative before installation. We sell Copper Green protective spray for using on cut-ends and the back side of ledgers.


Unfinished redwood tends to darken, then ultimately weathers to a soft driftwood gray.  If you desire to keep your deck looking new, we have the products you need.  Cabot brand cleaner, brightener, and strippers are the preferred products of our customers to revive and revitalize redwood decks all over the Sacramento area.

Decking Stain
To achieve a lasting redwood color or any other hue, water repelling, oil-based deck stain may be used. Our brand of choice is Penofin Stains, which feature five colors for a variety of finished looks.



Before Staining your deck...


  • Make sure surfaces are clean and dry.
  • Use water repellents, stains and bleaching oils, which contain mildewcides.
  • Permit new structures built with unseasoned redwood to air-dry one month before finishing.
  • Use a brush or roller for application.


  • Don't use spray systems to apply finishes.
  • Don't use varnishes, lacquers or other film-forming finishes.
  • Don't mix incompatible finishes - always follow manufacturer's directions.

Composite Decking

We stock MoistureShield and Evergrain Composite Decking.  To ensure that you can take advantage of your deck for a long time, follow these simple guidelines:

Use stainless steel screws.  Products such as Dexxter Screws have:

· Unique thread form removes exhaust while driving to prevent "mushrooming" in composite decking
· Type 17 point for fast starts
· 6-Lobe drive prevents stripping in recess
· Small head diameter is less visible



Dexxter Screws are available in four colors to match our MoistureShield Decking line- cherry, grey, redwood, and tan.

Use specialized cleaners to remove stains and keep your deck looking new.  CORTE CLEAN® ECO-FRIENDLY Composite Deck, Dock & Fence Cleaner is a proven solution for easily cleaning composite stains resulting from: Mold (mould), Mildew, Black Spots, Grease, Oil, Barbecue (BBQ), Tannin(s) (black Wood Fibers), Leaf, Chalk, Berries, Sunscreen, Olive Oil, Citronella Candle Oil, Peanut Butter, Red Wine, Pet Food, Hard Water, Grass, Ground in Dirt, Iron (red dirt), Rust, Clay, Grime, Slime and most other stains that have saturated into a composites porous or non-porous surface.




Before                                                   After