The appeal of interlocking paving stones has many homeowners, developers, contractors, and municipalities turning to pavers for their durability and style. Valley Redwood has a vast selection of beautiful pavers from Basalite. They present a complete offering of colors, shapes, and sizes in several product lines.


Snap Edge Paver Edging & Restraint

Edge restraints secure the hardscape system and are a necessity in any hardscape project installation if you want it to look beautiful through the years. Snap Edge has all the features that strongly secure the interlocking pavement system and will keep it in place and looking as good for many years of enjoyment.

Once your pavers or flagstone are in place, make sure they stay in place with quality products from Alliance Gator. We stock the most popular products, and our staff can make sure you are choosing the proper one for you application.



If you can’t find the right paver, give us a call and we will find it for you. Remember we offer design assistance for all your landscape projects.

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